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Katherine's Desire And Caught!

Katherine's Desire And Caught! Blog.

Hello again and welcome to this double edition of Can You Resist Temptation. Can I get you a chilled glass of wine? Sit back and kick off your shoes and enjoy.

Katherine's Desire is a beautiful romantic story again set in London. Katherine is a junior lawyer. She is engaged to Oliver a hotshot criminal lawyer whose career has gone into overdrive. She loves him and is looking forward to spending her life with him.

One weekend while Oliver is working on a deposition for a case he is trying, Katherine decides to go to a photographic exhibition. She feels frustrated with Oliver's workaholic ways.

Katherine finds the series of photographs shot in black and white very appealing, but one still in particular makes her squirm. Seeing this, a stranger asks her if she likes the photograph. Katherine looks up into the eyes of a very desirable man. He has a strange effect on her and she begins to think all kinds of erotic things.

They talk for a while then Katherine bids him 'goodnight' and leaves the gallery alone. But as it is a Saturday night she doesn't feel like going home.

Katherine goes to a wine bar that she and her friends frequent and as she orders a glass of wine the handsome stranger that made her head spin walks in and offers to buy her a drink. At first Kath is a little suspicious of him but slowly and with the aid of the wine she relaxes.

The pent up sexual energy between Katherine and Axle is evident from the first moment they meet. She is excited by the rawness of his sexuality.

They spend a hot passionate night together and Axle leaves her breathless and awakens in Kath a sexual desire she never knew that she possessed.

I am very fond of Katherine. Her friends look to her for advice and she's always ready to support them. Katherine is definitely the strongest willed of the four friends. She is fully focussed on her life and is exploring the idea of returning to university to further her studies and specialize in an area of law which fascinates her.But she hasn't discussed it with Oliver and is a little reluctant.

After her night of forbidden passion with Axle, Katherine is determined to become her own woman but she can't forget the amazing sex she had with him though she desperately tries to.

In Caught! We meet the four girls together as they each receive an invitation to spend the weekend at the magnificent Carstairs Manor in the beautiful Lake district.

They are very excited and can't wait to indulge in sheer pampering. None of the girls know who the mysterious Lord Carstairs is and nor do they care as they discover the amazing hot tub and other goodies that are there for them to feast their senses on.

Only unknown to the girls they have been invited to Carstairs Manor to come face to face with their one night stands.

We meet Lord Carstairs as he entertains the gorgeous Axle VanRouten and we discover why he wants all four of the girls present in Carstairs Manor for the weekend.

There are quite a few surprises in store for everyone in Caught! It was one of my favourite stories in the first series. Because the stories were short I decided to write a series focusing first on the individual characters so we could get to know them and what makes them tick. I developed the plot through the stories and the climax of the first series is shocking to say the least. The hot scenes in Caught! were fun to do and the hot tub sent temperatures soaring when Dane and Lara meet again..

The next instalment in the Temptation Series begins with Alison's Island Temptation. It takes up where Caught left off.

And not forgetting the season that's in it I have a special story titled A Christmas Temptation. This time Axle plays Lord of the Manor and entertains his women for Christmas.

I hope you enjoy the excerpt below and I would like to wish you and yours a wonderful and creative Christmas and I look forward to talking to you all again in the New Year.



A Christmas Temptation Excerpt:

**Lara was in the large bedroom that she shared with her fiancé Tim. She was changing for dinner. A wry smile crossed her lips as she thought of how Axle's mother had confused her with being his girlfriend. They did look good together.

She sprayed the perfume liberally over her breasts and then picked up her thong and put it on. Then walked over to the bed and looked at her siren red satin bra. Lara put it on and then caught a glimpse of her reflection in the long mirror. She looked very sexy and she was feeling very hot.

Earlier she had tried to make love to Tim but he was a little afraid that someone might hear them. This frustrated her because she knew that he wouldn't make love to her until they returned to London after New Year.

Lara pulled on her long silk stocking and sighed as she stuck her finger nail through it and the thread snagged. She stood up and put on her red satin robe and decided to go and ask Charlie if she had a spare pair of stockings.

She opened the door and walked down the long corridor. It was an impressive house and she was happy that they had all agreed to come here and spend their holidays.

As she walked down to Charlie's room she dropped her ring on the floor. She bent down and picked it up. As she stood up her robe fell open and she tied it again. This evening was not going so good for her, she sighed.

"Hey," A man's voice said behind her, Lara turned around to see Axle standing there without a shirt on. His tight abs looked sexy and she wanted to touch them. "The dining room is the other way." He teased. Lara laughed and glanced longingly at his package.

"I'm looking for Charlie," she said forcing herself to look up at him. He walked closer to her.

"Oh lucky Charlie," Axle said smirking. They both laughed.

"Behave yourself." She brushed a strand of hair behind her ear and the robe slipped open again. For a moment they just stared at each other then Axle grabbed her arm and led her to the bedroom at the end of the hall.

He opened the door and turned on the light. Lara followed him inside and gasped when she saw the beautiful room. It was simply decorated in white wallpaper with small orange and red flowers. There was a large four poster bed. On the large dressing table there stood a chocolate fountain oozing with velvet Belgian chocolate.

"Mmmm," Lara murmured when she saw the chocolate overflowing like a waterfall in to the crystal bowl. "Whose room is this?" She asked turning around to face Axle. He was grinning as he stood like a sentry in front of the door.

Lara licked her lips as she just looked at him. She knew that she shouldn't be alone with him much less be in a bedroom with Axle.

"You look so sexy Lara." Axle said as he walked over to her and gently let his finger slide down the front of her satin robe and it effortlessly opened. He pushed it off her shoulder and she stepped away from it. She shivered under his intense gaze. Lara could hardly stand it any longer as she pulled his face down and kissed him passionately.

Axle took her in his arms and undid the clasp of her bra and released her breasts to his mouth. She moaned as his tongue began to play with her erect nipple, driving her wild with desire.

His hardness hurt as it pushed against her, she was weak, and she needed his hard cock deep inside her, teasing her, pleasuring her and bringing her to heights of temptation as he had done before.

"Axle..." Lara whispered as his hand caressed her lower back. "Mmmm..." His tongue driving her insane as it teased her breast.

She slipped her hand inside his pants and found his hard bulging cock. Lara moved her hand up and down on him as his mouth sucked her breast deeper and his teeth gently bit on the nipple.

As she threw her head back, her eyes fell on the chocolate fountain. Lara licked her lips and pushed Axle away. He looked at her confused but she just smiled at him and said:

"Take your pants off." He smiled and did as she asked. "And them." She said pointing at his boxers. Lara could feel her thong wet as she looked at the gorgeous erect cock.

She walked over to him and touched the tip of his pole with her slender finger. It was wet. Lara put her finger into her mouth and sucked deep on it. She could taste Axle's salty flavour on her tongue. She closed her eyes as she sucked her finger.

"Oh...Lara." He whispered as he tried to pull her into his arms but she just walked away from him and over to the dressing table. She glanced back at Axle and with her index finger she called him over to her. He was smiling broadly.

Lara put two fingers into the crystal bowl and when they were covered in chocolate she took them out and caressed Axle's hard stomach with them, smearing chocolate over his abdomen. She got down on her knees and began to lick his stomach gently tasting the chocolate and his skin. Both tasted good. **









Charlie's Sweet Seduction

Hello again, welcome to week 4 of Can You Resist Temptation. Now before we begin would you like a glass of wine? OK sit back on the chaise longue and relax.

Charlie's Sweet Seduction is the second story in the Temptation Series. Charlie is a bright, beautiful young woman and she works in an auctioneering house in London. She specializes in period properties and her boss has volunteered her to host the open viewing of a gorgeous penthouse in the very fashionable and exclusive Belgravia.

While in London the previous May I took a walk around Belgravia admiring the magnificent white houses, they reminded me of a dolls house I played with when I was a little girl. I used to play with that house for hours and hours and like most girls I dreamed of the prince that owned it and how he would fall in love with me and carry me away on his large black horse to Belgravia...

So when I was looking at the photos of London, some of which I have posted on my facebook page and so the story was born...

Charlie is an ambitious young woman and feels certain that if she secures a bidder on the penthouse then she might just get that promotion.

As she walks around the beautiful house, she is struck by the decoration and how it had been modernised. Mentally Charlie begins to redecorate more in the style that the house should have been.

Charlie is plucked from her daydream when she hears footsteps in the kitchen and she goes to greet the client.

Standing with his back to her is a tall man and as he slowly turns around she is struck by how handsome and downright sexy he is. Charlie tries hard to regain her professionalism as she shows him around the new renovated apartment. But instead they flirt outrageously with each other.

When they reach the bedroom, Charlie shows Jake the balcony with its impressive view of Belgravia but Jake is only interested in trying out the hot tub. He convinces Charlie to join him and as the night heats up, the water in the hot tub is not the only thing bubbling over...

Jake shamelessly seduces Charlie and she can't resist his charm or sexual prowess but when Jake makes her an offer she is torn between her obvious attraction to him and the dilemma of doing the right thing...

I like Charlie, she's such a typical go-getter, and yet she has a certain element of naivety about her. She was a wonderful character to work with and of course I enjoyed writing the hot scenes with Jake.

When I wrote Charlie's Sweet Seduction I did wonder how one would react to the dilemma posed by Jake. Mmmm what a wonderful but scandalous predicament to be in lol...

Thank you for dropping by and I am looking forward to talking to you again. Next week because it is Christmas I will be talking about Katherine's Desire and Caught! So I hope you will join me for a little Christmas Temptation.


Lara's Decision

Hi there and welcome to week 3 of Can You Resist Temptation. This week I am talking about Lara's Decision. It was the first story in the series and also a rather unusual one as I will explain in a little bit.

Of all the girls in the series, Lara is the most self assured. She oozes confidence, is very outgoing and incredibly beautiful. She works as a submissions editor with a publishing house in London. It's her job to decide whether the manuscripts on her desk should be considered for publication.

Lara has a wonderful fiancé, Tim. He's a dote and he is very much in love with her and they are just about to set the date for their wedding.

Life for Lara is pretty blissful until one day she receives a phone call from a writer who insists that she read his manuscript. But Lara is a strong willed girl and she won't be 'ordered' to do anything and so she refuses point blank to read it.

That evening while Lara waits for her friends in the wine bar she meets the tall dark mysterious Dane Peterson and he orders a bottle of wine for her. There is an instant attraction between them and when he invites her to dinner, she decides to ditch her friends in favour of an evening with this gorgeous man.

As the evening rambles on Dane gives Lara a lesson in seduction and temptation as he devours her senses with his knowledge of eroticism.

Passion burns between them as she tells him about herself and when Dane entices her back to his apartment Lara suddenly becomes aware of how the evening will pan out...

I have a soft spot for Lara and Dane because although she is engaged to a wonderful man, I do think she is suited to Dane. He understands her and she is more herself with him unlike her fiancé Tim who is almost like a lap dog. LOL. The evening that they spend together is very erotic and when Lara is back at work she begins to wonder if Dane is real or if he was just a delicious fantasy...

How many times have you wondered about that tall dark handsome stranger that you see, what is his life like? Is he married or does he have a girlfriend? What would it be like to spend a night with him? Mmmm that's just how Lara felt after her encounter with the sexy Dane Peterson only she stepped over the line and gave in to delicious temptation...

Thank you for spending the time with me this evening. Why not join me next week for a glass of wine as we discuss the property market and in particular a beautiful old house in fashionable Belgravia and Charlie's Sweet Seduction...



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Alison's Temptation

Hi Everyone

Welcome to week two of AD-M's Can you Resist Temptation blog. This week I am going to talk about one of my fave stories in the first series, Alison's Temptation.

I get asked a lot of questions about Alison and Kane, and I have to admit, as a couple they are beautiful and the sexual attraction between them is obvious from the beginning.

In Alison's Temptation we meet Ali as she is about to sit in on a meeting with her boss and as luck would have it she is late and her boss, Gwen lets her know in no uncertain terms that if she doesn't pick up the pace then there is no place for her with the company. Alison is frantic and assures her boss that it won't happen again. I'm sure we can all identify with Ali and the boss from hell. Alison is good at her job in marketing and advertising and she likes the challenges that each new campaign brings her but she just has a wee problem with time management and deadlines.

As a writer, I certainly identify with the pressure as the deadline for publication draws ever closer causing my night time ramblings around the house because I can't sleep. So many questions going around in the ole mind; do I need to edit it more? Are the characters strong enough? Are the situations real? And so on.

So when Gwen, Ali's boss tells her to be at a hotel to meet with a new client it's almost like a breath of fresh air for Alison and she is determined to make a good impression.

But as Ali makes her way into the function room of the hotel, panic engulfs her, she's unsure if she has chosen the right dress and of course her mind is completely taken up with her forthcoming wedding and whether her fiancé has booked the honeymoon or not.

Not seeing Gwen anywhere in the hotel, Alison goes outside to the verandah and while looking up at the moon becomes caught up in the romance of the moment.

That's when Kane casually begins a conversation with Ali about the moon and then as they begin to get to know each other the sexual attraction between them begins to surface and Alison finds it very difficult to resist Kane and the temptation of his very kissable mouth.

During the time when I was writing that particular scene between Kane and Alison, I began to wonder how easy it would be to get drawn into a seductive encounter with a gorgeous mysterious stranger and what of the outcome? Alison has a loving fiancé that she loves very much and yet she is unable to fight the desire that she feels for Kane...And as we discover Kane is a very desirable man!!

The Temptation Series is an erotic series of novellas about temptation and seduction. Lust and desire play a huge part in the deadly attraction between the girls and the four gorgeous men that they encounter.

For me writing Alison's Temptation was very pleasurable (no pun intended lol) and the more I got to know Alison the more I felt for her. She has a beautiful nature and is somewhat naive but there is a lot of her character in all of us. As for the sexy Kane, well all I can say is yes please lol.

Thank you for sharing a cup of coffee with me as I talk about Alison's Temptation. Next week I will be talking about Lara's Decision and the inspiration behind that story. There is a surprise or two in there...

Have a tempting day everyone and see you soon.

Anna xoxo


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That was the question that I asked myself when I first wrote the pseudo-erotic Temptation Series about four gorgeous young women living and working in London. They were at the beginning of their careers and were starting to settle down with their boyfriends while still maintaining their independence.
Then quite by chance the girls meet four dark, mysterious strangers and in a night of passion as they had never experienced before, their perfect world is thrown upside down and they  begin to question their lives with the men that they are in love with.
Each of the women has their own story told in a short novella and we meet the gorgeous and sexy men that seduce and tempt them.
By the end of the first series Lord Carstairs himself invites the ladies to the beautiful and old baronial Carstairs Manor up in the Lake District. They have no idea who Lord Carstairs is or that their weekend of unadulterated pampering will result in coming face to face with their one night stands.
What ensues is a dilemma for them and in A Summer Temptation; we catch up with the girls as they go on vacation....
The Temptation Series has been a real delight to write as it explores the deepest and sometimes very dark fantasies that we have. The girls from the stories were all involved in loving relationships and meeting a total stranger and indulging their wildest sexual desires cause them to throw caution to the wind.
So the question is can you resist temptation and if not how would you deal with the outcome? I found writing the characters incredibly insightful because each of the women was completely different as were the men that seduced them.
The story that I enjoyed the most was Alison's Temptation because she is a little hap hazard in life, she is almost always late for work and her boss is a major pain in the ass! When Ali meets the gorgeous Kane there is an instant attraction and I wonder how one could resist the charm and the ease of conversation as he so openly seduces Alison?
Over the next few weeks I will be writing this blog and talking about my favourite characters in the Temptation Series. Starting with Alison's Temptation, I hope you will join me for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and some delicious Belgian choc and sit back and enjoy the world of the Temptation Series with me.
Anna xoxo