Thursday, 25 October 2012

Alison's Temptation

Hi Everyone

Welcome to week two of AD-M's Can you Resist Temptation blog. This week I am going to talk about one of my fave stories in the first series, Alison's Temptation.

I get asked a lot of questions about Alison and Kane, and I have to admit, as a couple they are beautiful and the sexual attraction between them is obvious from the beginning.

In Alison's Temptation we meet Ali as she is about to sit in on a meeting with her boss and as luck would have it she is late and her boss, Gwen lets her know in no uncertain terms that if she doesn't pick up the pace then there is no place for her with the company. Alison is frantic and assures her boss that it won't happen again. I'm sure we can all identify with Ali and the boss from hell. Alison is good at her job in marketing and advertising and she likes the challenges that each new campaign brings her but she just has a wee problem with time management and deadlines.

As a writer, I certainly identify with the pressure as the deadline for publication draws ever closer causing my night time ramblings around the house because I can't sleep. So many questions going around in the ole mind; do I need to edit it more? Are the characters strong enough? Are the situations real? And so on.

So when Gwen, Ali's boss tells her to be at a hotel to meet with a new client it's almost like a breath of fresh air for Alison and she is determined to make a good impression.

But as Ali makes her way into the function room of the hotel, panic engulfs her, she's unsure if she has chosen the right dress and of course her mind is completely taken up with her forthcoming wedding and whether her fiancé has booked the honeymoon or not.

Not seeing Gwen anywhere in the hotel, Alison goes outside to the verandah and while looking up at the moon becomes caught up in the romance of the moment.

That's when Kane casually begins a conversation with Ali about the moon and then as they begin to get to know each other the sexual attraction between them begins to surface and Alison finds it very difficult to resist Kane and the temptation of his very kissable mouth.

During the time when I was writing that particular scene between Kane and Alison, I began to wonder how easy it would be to get drawn into a seductive encounter with a gorgeous mysterious stranger and what of the outcome? Alison has a loving fiancé that she loves very much and yet she is unable to fight the desire that she feels for Kane...And as we discover Kane is a very desirable man!!

The Temptation Series is an erotic series of novellas about temptation and seduction. Lust and desire play a huge part in the deadly attraction between the girls and the four gorgeous men that they encounter.

For me writing Alison's Temptation was very pleasurable (no pun intended lol) and the more I got to know Alison the more I felt for her. She has a beautiful nature and is somewhat naive but there is a lot of her character in all of us. As for the sexy Kane, well all I can say is yes please lol.

Thank you for sharing a cup of coffee with me as I talk about Alison's Temptation. Next week I will be talking about Lara's Decision and the inspiration behind that story. There is a surprise or two in there...

Have a tempting day everyone and see you soon.

Anna xoxo


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