Monday, 17 December 2012

Lara's Decision

Hi there and welcome to week 3 of Can You Resist Temptation. This week I am talking about Lara's Decision. It was the first story in the series and also a rather unusual one as I will explain in a little bit.

Of all the girls in the series, Lara is the most self assured. She oozes confidence, is very outgoing and incredibly beautiful. She works as a submissions editor with a publishing house in London. It's her job to decide whether the manuscripts on her desk should be considered for publication.

Lara has a wonderful fiancé, Tim. He's a dote and he is very much in love with her and they are just about to set the date for their wedding.

Life for Lara is pretty blissful until one day she receives a phone call from a writer who insists that she read his manuscript. But Lara is a strong willed girl and she won't be 'ordered' to do anything and so she refuses point blank to read it.

That evening while Lara waits for her friends in the wine bar she meets the tall dark mysterious Dane Peterson and he orders a bottle of wine for her. There is an instant attraction between them and when he invites her to dinner, she decides to ditch her friends in favour of an evening with this gorgeous man.

As the evening rambles on Dane gives Lara a lesson in seduction and temptation as he devours her senses with his knowledge of eroticism.

Passion burns between them as she tells him about herself and when Dane entices her back to his apartment Lara suddenly becomes aware of how the evening will pan out...

I have a soft spot for Lara and Dane because although she is engaged to a wonderful man, I do think she is suited to Dane. He understands her and she is more herself with him unlike her fiancé Tim who is almost like a lap dog. LOL. The evening that they spend together is very erotic and when Lara is back at work she begins to wonder if Dane is real or if he was just a delicious fantasy...

How many times have you wondered about that tall dark handsome stranger that you see, what is his life like? Is he married or does he have a girlfriend? What would it be like to spend a night with him? Mmmm that's just how Lara felt after her encounter with the sexy Dane Peterson only she stepped over the line and gave in to delicious temptation...

Thank you for spending the time with me this evening. Why not join me next week for a glass of wine as we discuss the property market and in particular a beautiful old house in fashionable Belgravia and Charlie's Sweet Seduction...



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