Saturday, 13 October 2012


That was the question that I asked myself when I first wrote the pseudo-erotic Temptation Series about four gorgeous young women living and working in London. They were at the beginning of their careers and were starting to settle down with their boyfriends while still maintaining their independence.
Then quite by chance the girls meet four dark, mysterious strangers and in a night of passion as they had never experienced before, their perfect world is thrown upside down and they  begin to question their lives with the men that they are in love with.
Each of the women has their own story told in a short novella and we meet the gorgeous and sexy men that seduce and tempt them.
By the end of the first series Lord Carstairs himself invites the ladies to the beautiful and old baronial Carstairs Manor up in the Lake District. They have no idea who Lord Carstairs is or that their weekend of unadulterated pampering will result in coming face to face with their one night stands.
What ensues is a dilemma for them and in A Summer Temptation; we catch up with the girls as they go on vacation....
The Temptation Series has been a real delight to write as it explores the deepest and sometimes very dark fantasies that we have. The girls from the stories were all involved in loving relationships and meeting a total stranger and indulging their wildest sexual desires cause them to throw caution to the wind.
So the question is can you resist temptation and if not how would you deal with the outcome? I found writing the characters incredibly insightful because each of the women was completely different as were the men that seduced them.
The story that I enjoyed the most was Alison's Temptation because she is a little hap hazard in life, she is almost always late for work and her boss is a major pain in the ass! When Ali meets the gorgeous Kane there is an instant attraction and I wonder how one could resist the charm and the ease of conversation as he so openly seduces Alison?
Over the next few weeks I will be writing this blog and talking about my favourite characters in the Temptation Series. Starting with Alison's Temptation, I hope you will join me for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and some delicious Belgian choc and sit back and enjoy the world of the Temptation Series with me.
Anna xoxo

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