Monday, 17 December 2012

Charlie's Sweet Seduction

Hello again, welcome to week 4 of Can You Resist Temptation. Now before we begin would you like a glass of wine? OK sit back on the chaise longue and relax.

Charlie's Sweet Seduction is the second story in the Temptation Series. Charlie is a bright, beautiful young woman and she works in an auctioneering house in London. She specializes in period properties and her boss has volunteered her to host the open viewing of a gorgeous penthouse in the very fashionable and exclusive Belgravia.

While in London the previous May I took a walk around Belgravia admiring the magnificent white houses, they reminded me of a dolls house I played with when I was a little girl. I used to play with that house for hours and hours and like most girls I dreamed of the prince that owned it and how he would fall in love with me and carry me away on his large black horse to Belgravia...

So when I was looking at the photos of London, some of which I have posted on my facebook page and so the story was born...

Charlie is an ambitious young woman and feels certain that if she secures a bidder on the penthouse then she might just get that promotion.

As she walks around the beautiful house, she is struck by the decoration and how it had been modernised. Mentally Charlie begins to redecorate more in the style that the house should have been.

Charlie is plucked from her daydream when she hears footsteps in the kitchen and she goes to greet the client.

Standing with his back to her is a tall man and as he slowly turns around she is struck by how handsome and downright sexy he is. Charlie tries hard to regain her professionalism as she shows him around the new renovated apartment. But instead they flirt outrageously with each other.

When they reach the bedroom, Charlie shows Jake the balcony with its impressive view of Belgravia but Jake is only interested in trying out the hot tub. He convinces Charlie to join him and as the night heats up, the water in the hot tub is not the only thing bubbling over...

Jake shamelessly seduces Charlie and she can't resist his charm or sexual prowess but when Jake makes her an offer she is torn between her obvious attraction to him and the dilemma of doing the right thing...

I like Charlie, she's such a typical go-getter, and yet she has a certain element of naivety about her. She was a wonderful character to work with and of course I enjoyed writing the hot scenes with Jake.

When I wrote Charlie's Sweet Seduction I did wonder how one would react to the dilemma posed by Jake. Mmmm what a wonderful but scandalous predicament to be in lol...

Thank you for dropping by and I am looking forward to talking to you again. Next week because it is Christmas I will be talking about Katherine's Desire and Caught! So I hope you will join me for a little Christmas Temptation.


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